Rory’s China snub does double damage

The HSBC Champions teed off in Shanghai on Thursday and, despite attracting 40 of the world’s top 50 golfers, the Chinese won’t be paying much attention. That’s because there’s no Tiger Woods and no Rory McIlroy.

Rory-McIlroy-mainTiger has an excuse – he’s been injured and hasn’t played since August – but Rory? Officially, he’s preparing for a court case 4-6 months from now. Unofficially, he’s tired after a long season, China is a long way away, he’s still likely to win the big end of season climax without playing here, he won’t make as much money as last year, or perhaps a little of everything. Whatever the truth, it doesn’t reflect too well on McIlroy – and it hurts Chinese golf too. This week’s Sports Talk column is below:  Continue reading

Smog, customs thwarting sports stars in Beijing

Almost exactly a year ago, Beijing played host to a dream day of international sports: both Neymar and Kobe were in town with their respective teams, and the Tour of Beijing was wrapping up in glorious sunshine. This year…not so much.

Argentina players brave the smog for quick kickabout
Argentina players brave the smog for quick kickabout

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Djokovic: Beijing’s pollution “slows ball down”

Remember a year ago when the smog in Beijing was so bad that Rafael Nadal nearly pulled out of the China Open tennis final, while golfers in the inaugural LPGA Reignwood Classic wore masks while they played?

Photo credit: ATP/Getty Images
Photo credit: ATP/Getty Images

This year during the National Week holiday the weather was generally kinder, though the weather did not go unnoticed. Check out these comments made by world number one Novak Djokovic:

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早前,首届由国际汽联举办的电动方程式赛车锦标赛(FIA Formula E Championship)在北京隆重拉开序幕。这是全新的方程式比赛,与F1级别相同,同属于国际顶尖赛车赛事,不过动力之源由电动机取代了汽油发动机。在比赛中,领先的两辆车在最后一个弯道的惊天大撞车让这次比赛成功“上头条”。

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Nanjing Youth Olympics: worth the fuss?

With the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG) drawing to a close earlier this week after receiving little to none global attention, the few people who were watching have been debating the merits of the spectacle. In general, those who were there appear to have been won over by the Chinese penchant for ‘Bigger is Better’, while those who weren’t were more than happy to pile on.

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World Peace’s move a paw in the right direction

For several years now, Stephon Marbury has been the most successful international star in the Chinese Basketball Association. This year, though, he may have to share some of that limelight. 

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