Revolution in China?

Well, yes, a boxing one…

From my weekly column for the Global Times:

In all the excitement over Li Na’s thrilling run to the Australian Open final last week, another sporting development was largely overlooked – and it could prove to be even more significant for Chinese sport.

Two-time Olympic boxing gold medalist Zou Shiming has turned professional, signing for US promoter Bob Arum’s Top Rank group, and will make his pro debut on April 6 in Macao.

Here’s the full piece:

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  1. He is pretty old to be going pro. The problem is that professional boxers don’t train to be amateurs anymore, its a completely different game. I think they will pair him up with a few tomato cans then he can retire. He will take some serious face punching if he fights a highly experienced professional. If China really wants to be a force in boxing then they have to let their young guns train in either the UK or the USA. Its the same with basketball, while millions play in China the country can’t beat the elite international squads or individuals make it big in the NBA because they don’t learn the basics because coaching is decades behind. Same for boxing. Get them trained right from the beginning and they can come back and make the boxing programs in China better. Bob Arum is also just a money pig so he is hoping to cash in and not set up any meaningful fights for Zou.

    1. So you’re not buying Arum’s claim that he’ll be fighting for a world title within 6-8 bouts?! Who is the last good pro boxer you can think of who also had a decent amateur career?

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