Beckham to arrive in China on March 20th

There is just one more week to go until Sir David of Beckham touches down in these fair lands. His itinerary is still unknown but if you camp out at Beijing Capital International Airport next Wednesday (March 20th), you’ll have as good a chance as any of catching a glimpse of the former-footballer-turned-celebrity. Just remember to bring ear plugs.


Five cities have been selected by the Chinese Super League (CSL) as part of their current push to promote the sport here – Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Wuhan – and while it’s not yet confirmed which of these cities Becks will be visiting on the first of three ambassadorial trips to China this year, he will at least be starting in the capital.

ImageMeanwhile, both the international and domestic press seem to be more focused on Victoria Beckham, thanks no doubt to more groundbreaking journalism by the Mirror Group. According to the ubiquitous “source”, Posh will crack the Asian market with her fashion label within months and “will make an absolute fortune”.

Who can resist Brand Beckham? The French, it seems, who think that PSG is more interested in its global fanbase than local supporters.

But what will be fun to watch is how David manages his wardrobe when he’s here: Nike, which sponsors the CSL, have stated in no uncertain terms that Beckham, aka Adidas brand ambassador, must wear only Nike apparel during official business. There will be plenty of unofficial business though, and the WSJ concludes that “Beckham essentially wears what he wants to wear.” Let the executive games begin.

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