China’s Mike Rice: Beijing dance teacher abuses students [UPDATED]

Rutgers fired basketball coach Mike Rice recently after video surfaced of him abusing his students at practice. This is every bit as bad, worse if you consider that these students are 13/14-year old girls. They get repeatedly hit, kicked, whipped, smacked and verbally abused by their teacher. Check out the look at 1:04 when one girl turns to check on another who has just been beaten. Source is unknown, but video is clearly taken on at least two separate occasions, so this cannot be dismissed as a one-off event. [UPDATE: According to Chinese media (via Beijing Cream) the video was originally uploaded to an international video-sharing website last November, and then was recently posted on Chinese video site Youku by user 比利时巧克力2. The Youku version now has 1.9 2.2 2.7 million views and has drawn more than 37,000 39,000 41,000 comments. UPDATE 2: As the Huffington Post notes, the copy of this I uploaded to Youtube has been deleted – even though the very similar Mike Rice abuse video (here, and many other places) continues to rack up the hits – so I’m now linking to another copy of the video].

7 thoughts on “China’s Mike Rice: Beijing dance teacher abuses students [UPDATED]”

    1. Not yet, but the video is just blowing up on the internet now. Will let you know what happens in a day or two. I would expect she’ll be named, shamed and sacked, but we’ll see…

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