Mike Tyson in Beijing: “I can kill anyone”

Below is my feature for That’s Beijing on Mike Tyson, who was recently in town to promote a cold/flu supplement that he will never use since, as he proudly announced, he has never had a cold. He was typically enthusiastic, despite admitting alcoholism just days before, and covered a range of topics – obesity, racing pigeons and 10-foot giants. Here’s an extract:

ImageDespite being clearly frustrated with the constant translating between Chinese and English, Tyson spoke excitedly about wanting to visit other parts of China. His interest seemed genuine, if somewhat misguided at times. “In the desert, there are giant Caucasians. They don’t know where they came from,” he claims, in a (presumed) reference to the myth about the lost Roman legion in Gansu. “They’re around 9 or 10 feet tall. Are you aware of that?”

Piece in full is here, though Tyson’s knowledge of boxing in China is less than impressive. He might want to read this.

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