China Sports Insider Ep. 6 – Soccer Reforms in China

This is a studio discussion I did alongside the always excellent Rowan Simons, who – literally – wrote the book on this, on CCTV last week after the new soccer reforms in China were announced.

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2 thoughts on “China Sports Insider Ep. 6 – Soccer Reforms in China”

  1. Yea so now its high time COPA AMERICA is starting and it will be great to see the clash between top teams like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Uruguay etc. Clash between Players Like Neymar, Messi, Luis Suarez, James Rodriguez etc. Hope the best team wins. Anyways I will be cheering Brazil.

    1. Too bad that China are no longer in this year’s Copa America. They had originally accepted an invitation but later had to pull out due to a schedule clash with World Cup qualifying for the AFC.

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