Sports stars are buying teams – even in China

Increasingly in the sports world, former – and even current – sports stars are taking ownership stakes in franchises. Could China be part of this growing trend? 

Breaking down Chinese football’s latest brainwaves

Late on Wednesday night, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) released details of two new rules that the Chinese Super League (CSL) must follow. Both rules are significant and have immediate consequences, not just for Chinese football, but for the global transfer market. Let’s break down the what and the why of Chinese football’s latest brainwaves, before … Continue reading Breaking down Chinese football’s latest brainwaves

Weekly Wrap: Optimistic Americans, Struggling Print Journos and Manny’s Dreadlocks

Tennis, baseball, both forms of football, badminton, athletics and mahjong all feature in this week’s wrap…

China may lose out as Beckham weighs up retirement options

David Beckham always says all the right things to all the right people, but if he is to fulfill all his promises and obligations, he may need to start cloning himself. With soccer-related commitments in at least the UK, the US, France and China (and possibly others in Qatar in elsewhere), plus countless sponsorship obligations … Continue reading China may lose out as Beckham weighs up retirement options

Mend it like Beckham

I’ve already had people ask me what time David Beckham is arriving on Wednesday so they can camp out early at the airport. Whether he appeals to smitten females or potential soccer fans (or both), one thing is certain: Beckham’s visit to China will be crazy. Let’s just hope no one gets trampled…. Here’s my Sports … Continue reading Mend it like Beckham

China deal makes sense for Beckham, but not for league

The speculation towards the end of last year that David Beckham would end his career playing in the Chinese Super League (CSL) just didn’t make any kind of sense – either for Beckham the player or Beckham the brand. He had offers from English Premier League clubs and from clubs in continental Europe who were … Continue reading China deal makes sense for Beckham, but not for league

Beckham is coming to play in China

Well, he might be. OK, so he probably won’t be. In fact, he almost certainly will choose to play elsewhere. But that doesn’t make for a good headline, especially where the UK tabloids are concerned. The problem with the tabloids is that they have absolutely no obligation to tell the truth when it comes to … Continue reading Beckham is coming to play in China


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