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China set for underdog role in World Cup qualifying

10 games over the next 12 months will determine whether or not China can qualify for the FIFA World Cup for just the second time in history. 

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China’s doping problem and why it matters

China’s checkered past when it comes to doping, coupled with some more recent positive tests, puts the country on an increasingly unstable footing on the global sporting stage. 

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China Sports Insider Ep. 6 – Soccer Reforms in China

This is a studio discussion I did alongside the always excellent Rowan Simons, who – literally – wrote the book on this, on CCTV last week after the new soccer reforms in China were announced.

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China Sports Insider Ep. 4 – Beijing’s Olympic bid

Here, belatedly, is one of my appearances on BBC World during the Sochi Olympics, talking to presenter Sarah Stone live via Skype. The first part is a little outdated as it talks about China’s medals and prospects (at that time), but the section from 1:38 on Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Olympic Games is still relevant.

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Welcome to China Sports Insider

New Year, new site.

Welcome to the new incarnation of The Li-Ning Tower, which will soon automatically redirect here. A relaunch and rebrand has been a long time coming, but the main points are that the blog will no longer:


Please bear with us as some older features are reintroduced and some new ones are phased in, but rest assured that the content will follow on from 2013’s success, during which the blog was quoted or linked to by Bloomberg, USA Today, Huffington Post, CNBC, Quartz, New York Daily News, NBA.com, Al Jazeera, China Daily and others.

China Sports Insider Ep. 1 – Motor racing in China

Welcome to the first of what will be a series of videocasts with the people who matter in the Chinese sports industry, everyone from athletes and officials to executives and agents.

We kick things off with a discussion with top Chinese motor racing drivers Franky Cheng Congfu and Adderly Fong about the state of motorsports in China today, how soon China can expect to see a team or driver in F1, and which drivers are better – those from Hong Kong or the mainland!