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Stephon Marbury Jr and his mad skillz

Stephon Marbury – hated in the US for his antics in the NBA, but loved in China for embracing the country and taking the Beijing Ducks to the CBA title – has previously said he wants to coach the Chinese national team and would be a popular choice if appointed. For now, he has to be content with coaching his kids, in particular his son, Stephon Jr aka Turkey.

Turkey may not sound as if he’s destined to be a great, but he looks pretty good in this video, which was posted by Stephon’s wife Tasha (who you all know, I’m sure, is starring in the current season of Basketball Wives, and Stephon cheated with their chef, but they paid her off and yada yada yada).

Fast forward to the 2024 Olympics when Turkey leads Team USA against Pop’s China…

Sun Yang wins 10 golds, 1 bronze at National Games

Remember how the medal tally system at China’s National Games is ridiculous, with certain performances from nearly four years ago being converted into medals that actually count at this event? Well, this is what happens. According to the official rules for counting medals, swimming star Sun Yang has won 11 medals for Zhejiang, 10 of them gold. Here’s how:

Photo credit Victor Puig, victorpuig.com

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Is Ye Shiwen back?

A little over a month ago, 17-year-old Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen was in pieces. The reigning Olympic champion in both the 200 and 400 IM had failed to win a medal in either race at the World Championships in Barcelona, and Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu had reclaimed her position as the medley queen.

But things are looking up for Ye. She won both events in Shenyang at the Chinese National Games, but more importantly her times were competitive:

A tired Ye Shiwen after victory in the 400 IM
A tired Ye Shiwen after victory in the 400 IM

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Chinese news agency: Istanbul will host 2020 Olympics!


The announcement of the next host city for an Olympic Games is not something that creeps up on you by surprise. Precisely seven years before each Olympics, there is a very carefully choreographed announcement, during which the IOC President reveals the winning city. It’s very hard to confuse which city has won. The IOC broadcasts this live. If you don’t hear the announcement, then the President holds up the name of the city, and the director cuts to shots of the winning delegation and host city for immediate reaction and celebration.

Wait – who won again?

So how on earth did China’s official news agency Xinhua put out a statement that Istanbul, not Tokyo, would host the 2020 Olympics? Continue reading Chinese news agency: Istanbul will host 2020 Olympics!

Medal tally, scandals turn China’s National Games into a joke

The far northeastern province of Heilongjiang came into China’s National Games with 43 medals already in the bank. Yes, you read that right. 17 gold medals were “won” before the official start of the Games, and only one of those was due to an event being scheduled ahead of the opening ceremony. That’s because some bright spark had the idea of converting medals from previous events into medals that actually count at the National Games:

Everyone’s a winner at China’s National Games!

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Huawei to take global sporting PR tour to London

I’ve written before about Chinese telecoms company Huawei using sports and entertainment to combat the atrocious PR it tends to get around the world. That trend is continuing, but the company now appears to be spurning the US and focusing more on Europe.


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Whose ring is it anyway?

A brief departure from China for this week’s Sports Talk column to discuss one of the best – and most unusual – sport stories of the year: the non-Fellowship of the Ring. It turns out this story made news at the time eight years ago, with media asking back then if it Putin had stolen it. Kraft stuck to the script, but, eight years later, is apparently fed up and wants the ring back. Putin has since insisted through a spokesman it had always been a gift. It’s hardly a case for the ICC, but it will be interesting to see if there are any further developments. Here’s the piece:

It’s been a good week for unexpected sports stories.

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Blade Runner faces day of reckoning

Here’s my Sports Talk column from today’s Global Times on Oscar Pistorius’ fall from grace:

When Oscar Pistorius came to Beijing for the 2008 Paralympic Games, he was already something of a celebrity. As a 17-year-old, he had won Paralympic gold in Athens four years earlier, and though he had failed in his bid to run at the Beijing Olympic Games against able-bodied athletes, he didn’t disappoint at the Paralympic Games, winning three gold medals and running record times in each event.

Speaking to him on the track immediately after his third win, I remember a humble young man breathless with excitement, and quick to credit others for his success. He told me his dream had been realized. But that dream has turned to a nightmare.

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Wrestling’s Olympic snub: winners and losers

Wrestling has been in the Olympics for more than 2,600 years but looks almost certain to be axed from 2020 onwards after the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended that wrestling no longer be included in the list of core sports. It has a final chance to save itself, but only one of baseball/softball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, wakeboarding, wushu and now wrestling will be chosen for inclusion when the Committee meets again in May.

So who loses out and who will likely gain from this?


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