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在中国,棒球会成为下一个“大热门”吗?至少在那些波士顿旅游公司的高管们看来,答案是肯定的。在未来的两个月,海南航空将会首开波士顿直达北京的航线,预计会有大批中国游客将会涌入波士顿。而在众多旅游景点当中,市场运营公司Attract China一直在大力宣传波士顿芬威球场。

Credit: Laura Barisonzi/Newsweek
Credit: Laura Barisonzi/Newsweek

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Weekly Wrap: F1 F-up, Becks is back, Ding’s title bid and Perfect Pitch

The World Snooker Championships have begun in Sheffield, UK, with world number 2 Ding Junhui looking to add the only major title missing from his resume. Having won five ranking tournaments already this season, he continued his good form, taking a 6-3 lead over Michael Wasley in their best-of-19 first round match, and making the highest break of the tournament so far (136).  Continue reading Weekly Wrap: F1 F-up, Becks is back, Ding’s title bid and Perfect Pitch

Weekly Wrap: Beckham and Not Beckham

A round-up of what’s been happening this week (Beckham stuff at the end!):


The NBA announced eight international preseason games for next season. For Asian fans that means Pacers vs Rockets, Manila, Oct 10; Pacers vs Rockets, Taipei, Oct 13; Lakers vs Warriors, Beijing, Oct 15; and Lakers vs Warrior, Shanghai, Oct 18.

ImageMeanwhile, Li-Ning’s Way of Wade campaign (featuring Dwyane Wade, who has “promised” to play in China when hes done with the NBA) hits back at “corny” allegations from LeBron James.

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A Chinese baseball classic

You know the script: down in the game heading into the final stages, in a stadium that holds 40,000, a stunning rally to complete the victory, grown men weeping tears of joy at the end. You’ve seen it in movies dozens of times, probably dreamed it hundreds more, but it’s not often you see a Chinese baseball team as the main protagonists. That, though, is exactly what happened this week at the World Baseball Classic in Fukuoka, Japan.

But there was one small difference. That stadium that holds 40,000? Empty.

11 fans enjoy the ball game
11 fans enjoy the ball game

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