The best own goal you will see this year

Getting to this a little late, but it’s worth a look… Chris Brass’ broken nose classic still ranks as the best own goal of all time, but this is pretty impressive. At the recent Chinese National Games, teams from Liaoning and Xinjiang combined to produce this moment of magic. It has all the ingredients: the scuffed clearance, the ricochet, the deflection, the whiffed miskick – and, of course, the stunned reactions followed by the embarrassment of realizing that it has been broadcast to the nation on CCTV-5. It doesn’t really matter, but for the record, Xinjiang players are the ones doing the scoring (against themselves). Another fine, fine moment for Chinese soccer.

2 thoughts on “The best own goal you will see this year”

  1. A wonderful, choreographed example of how beautiful an own goal can be! I have to take umbrage with your choice of best own goal ever, though (I can only assume York City bias led you towards Brass).

    For the ultimate non-League numpty own goal I give you Wayne Hatswell:

    But by far my favourite of all time is Jamie Pollock. Kind of like a reverse-Gazza against Scotland – effortlessly beats his man before spotting the keeper off his line and finishing with aplomb:

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