Semi-naked joggers brave Beijing pollution [PHOTOS]

This is what some Beijingers got up to on Sunday at the Olympic Forest Park in the north of the city – the third annual “Underwear Jog”.

Beijing joggers brave air pollution
The Olympic Park Observation Tower is barely visible in the background

Naked joggers wearing masks in BeijingPollution levels have been well above hazardous for several days, hovering around the 400 mark, and several runners made it clear what they thought:

"No pollution" reads the sign
“No pollution” reads the sign

There was even a very brave (foolish?) pregnant lady in attendance:

Pregnant lady joins Beijing naked jog in pollutionOthers were attracting attention for different reasons:

Cheeky runner in Beijing pollution jogMore pollution protesters:

This lady was promoting "Environmental Protection"
This lady was promoting “Environmental Protection”


"Old veterans never die"
“Old veterans never die”

No caption necessary for this one:




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